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Day #61 : Bloody Mary

Today’s form is called the Palindrome or Mirror Poem. The rules seem simple, but it’s a lot of reversing of words and thoughts so the poem looks like it’s reflected from the first half to the second half… like a mirror. Given the spooky month of October and the subject of mirrors, this poem is dedicated to the one thing that scared me until I was 20 years old 10-years-old.

Also, my birthday is next Friday and I love money so just keep that in mind if any of you want to get me anything *wink* *wink* (give me money)

Bloody Mary

Turn slowly around thrice Two candles and no lights Find the faint outline of you This body you knew mutated in a mirror Hesitate her name against your lips Bloody Mary Lips your against name her hesitate Mirror a in mutated knew you body this You of outline faint the find Lights no and candles two Thrice around slowly turn

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