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Sarah Jafei Pollitt|(720)-233-1339|




Columbia College Chicago                                                                              2016- 2019

Bachelor of Arts in Comedy Writing & Performance                                    Chicago, IL

Dean’s List, 3.9 GPA




HIGH: Short Film                                                                                               2018

Production Assistant                                                                                      Winter Park, CO

  • Assisted director with scheduling, location scouting, and detailed organization.

  • Collaborated with the props manager to create unique items for the shoot.

  • Used my knowledge of SFX makeup to create detailed cuts and bruises for actors.

  • Drove cast and crew to and from location shoots and assisted with meals.


Columbia College Chicago: Talent Management                                            2016

Student                                                                                                             Chicago, IL

  • Examined and practiced managing artists to create their online and in-person persona.

  • Learned to create social media platforms that effectively engaged the public.

  • Successfully advertised and produced a gallery show for Denver-based artists.

  • Researched and analyzed successful social media campaigns and posts.

Columbia College Chicago: Business Writing                                                2019

Student                                                                                                             Chicago, IL

  • Drafted example letters to customers and staff regarding issues, refunds, or business proposals.

  • Designed a package containing proposals, professional email examples, professional bios, and more.

  • Demonstrated effective ways to de-escalate or bring professional attention to an issue within a business.




The Playground Theatre                                                                                   2016 - 2018

Intern                                                                                                                Chicago, IL

  • Managed box office where I dealt with over $200 in cash and sold tickets.

  • Opened and closed the theatre venue while supervising performers and audience members.

  • Operated sound and light booth and managed time for each show within a given night (upwards of three.)

  • Kept space clean by sweeping, mopping, and organizing theatre materials including microphones and keyboards, bathroom supplies, and aligning chairs.


The Second City: Comedy Studies                                                                     2019

Student                                                                                                                                  Chicago, IL

  • Participated in improvisation where I resolved issues, engaged in teamwork, and used my 

    creativity to establish a fun, theatrical experience.

  • Wrote and performed sketch comedy where I collaborated with classmates and explored scenes.

  • Constructed a sketch show, put up by The Second City, where I rehearsed and performed.




Programs:  Microsoft Word, GoogleSuite, WordPress, Wix, Final Draft, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Logic Pro X


Interpersonal:  Organization, Communication, Time Management, Improvisation, Motivation, Creativity, Collaboration


Basic: Math, Grammar, Spelling, Writing, Research

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