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Well, some of you voted America and the Results are in.

Good morning America. Good morning to the most powerful nation in the world and good morning to everyone who decided take it back fifty+ years!

Look, I could be mad; be furious and blame these results on people who are privileged and closed-minded in our country. I could say that the white privilege is out of hand and has resulted in the destruction of our well known “Melting Pot” name. I could say that we have just romanticised and promoted sexual harassment by electing Trump as president. I could say that the phrase “dictatorship” is not as farfetched as it seems nor are those posters being paraded around with Donald and a swastika. I could tell you about the millions of women genuinely concerned about their health benefits and are trying to get that IUD in so that they don’t have to worry about the defunding of planned parenthood.

I could say all those completely accurate, scary, concerning, and valid things …I really, really could…

I could just lay it down on paper that Trump has and will continue to lie about who he is in contact with (i.e. Putin and the leader of the KKK), but ,instead, I’m going to leave that to someone else. I could make this post about the racism now further blatant and accepted in our first-world society, but ,instead, I’ll let you read about it on Facebook. I could  let you know that even Trumps ghostwriter for “The Art of the Deal” was not a big fan of his and deeply regretted writing the book. And I could let you know that people of the LGBTQ community, Muslims, immigrants, and anybody who’s a minority are genuinely scared for their safety, but I’ll let you see it in the newspaper.

I’m simply here to be the middle ground for the voters in this election. Except to the 11,000 of you who for Harambe; you guys suck. But for the Republicans and the Democrats (and passively the third party voters); let’s stop this “division”. I know that upwards of 42% of us didn’t even vote despite the incessant social media platforms and celebrity endorsements, so this division is actually not even really a division but more of a quarter-ision. We’re only measuring half of the population (and not even that because you have to be 18 years or older to vote so all of the kids are subject to our stupidity) and so really only two halves of an already half is divided… does that make sense?

What I’m trying to say is that not all our voices were heard in this election. They never really ever were, but it’s something to put into perspective when thinking about how we chose a Ritz Cheese looking racist as our new president. Another thing to take into consideration is that nearly half of the republicans and a little over half of the democrats were genuinely scared of the other candidate. This is not helpful when trying to bring people together! Both candidates had their downfalls (more so than others) but we shouldn’t let them decide who we interact with and who we join together with to make a change. We are the power, we are what matters, and we will not continue to live in hate and let this election separate us even further.

This is our reality now. This is the odd and cartoonish reality that the U.S. has succumb to and it’s both humorous, concerning, ridiculous, and challenging. We fought the good fight, on either side, and we are not going to be taken down by one man. The power resides in the people, not in the over-combed Oompa Loompa.

Look, I do not like getting yelled at or being told I don’t understand something. Self-stupidity is something I am afraid of and I’m assuming the multitudes of other Americans think the same. Do you know why the religious prophets are so famous and so effective in spreading their message? Why they were so popular and got shit done? Because they didn’t judge. Because they angled their arguments towards understanding and coming to a common ground. Because instead of shaming and blaming, they looked for a solution and for a way to open a discussion. People listened to them and people followed them because they were nice and because they were willing to kiss your feet and hold your hand even when you went against their backs.

I have seen a lot of hate coming from Democrats towards the Trump supporters and I’m very much guilty of this. (We do, however, have a really solid argument. Like solid to the point that human rights are being invalidated and immorally corrupted.) But, I’m trying to find another way to make a change in all of this. And the republicans are very much not off the hook either; many republicans have displayed obscene, unnecessary, and cruel behaviour towards the group of “others.”

But, we are all to blame in the end. We are all to blame for the poor education and global awareness to the kids. We are all to blame for not pushing ourselves to be better people and to add “selflessness and understanding” to our checklist before we leave the house for the day. Artists all over the world have already come to the consensus that this is our time to act. This is our time to be loud, be effective, and be unapologetically strong. It can’t possibly be true that there are so many people that are viscerally divided, racist, and blatantly against a group that they refuse to listen to. We are all stronger when we work together. Let’s not forget our humanity and the humanity of others.

None of us own the answer to what will make this nation united completely, but love is unarguably the first step we must take.

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