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25 years

What I remember:

I remember patience, kindness, and structure.

The exact formula for a perfect household.

I remember family, effort, and holidays.

When the Christmas tree would radiate blues and greens and reds

amongst the downstairs after dark.

When the stockings would be full of perfectly wrapped gifts.

Every detail in place.

I remember going to church and finally understanding what it means

to light the little candles at the front

for someone you love that has passed.

Because Dad went up to light one for his mother.

And my little hands went up to light one for Beaujoe.

I remember the hikes we all went on

and the waterfall that was always waiting for us at the top, wherever we went.

I remember defining the word love

by what you both showed me.

Love is unconditional.

It is trying and wholesome.

It is watching your family

disperse amongst the country

knowing that however far they go

through life and death

their being will stay constant with you.

I remember Dad saying

“Parent’s try the best they can”

But you two did so much more than that.

You built me a castle in this world

to call home.

You gave me throne upon throne to sit on.

Encouraged me to rule this world however I liked,

and to never succumb to the abuse of power.

I remember when Mom would hold me after a bath

in a warm, oversized towel

for what seemed like hours.

And made me laugh until I hurt.

I remember Mom crying on the platform of the train before she left Chicago.

I remember the shock that overthrew us when Dad fell off his bike.

I remember not knowing strength until I realized

that you two will never give up on your family.

You will provide and provide until your last breath.

No matter what it takes.

It seems so innate to me now.

This nature of giving without taking.

And now here we stand.

At a landmark for your accomplishments.

25 years of defining this word, Love.

25 years of struggling and succeeding.

Of scraping your knees on rocks from the Rocky Mountains

And trips all around Europe, indulging me in my interest

for cathedrals.

I remember never hearing any fights

in our home,

but hearing about others that wouldn’t stop

at other households.

To say I am thankful is an understatement.

To say I am blessed doesn’t skim the surface.

To say I am lucky…

So often do I think I am the most unlucky person alive,

That things will never line up for me,

but then I think of you.

I might have maxed out on my luck.

I remember the freedom you gave me

But also the restraints.

I remember you telling me what I needed to hear

and letting me gradually come to my own conclusions.

I remember your voices like a song stuck in my head.

I remember your faces like relics in a museum.

I remember all the good

and have learned from the few that were the bad.

I remember your commitment.

Your integrity and your souls.

I remember the undying,

Thoughtful and mature


you two had for eachother;

for the family

and for the animals I insisted on having.

25 years you’ve remembered

Here’s to 25 more.

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