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Day #100: LAST POEM

We have reached the LAST day of this challenge and I’m late posting it… but that’s pretty on-brand for me. I really did not think I was going to make it the 100th day and I know it doesn’t seem that significant, but this is like a really big deal that I did this and I did this through my own will! Thank you everyone for your support (especially my Aunt Julia and my Mom who keeps posting through my dad’s facebook account!) For my next project, I’m hoping to take some of these poems and put them to music and/or beats so if you or someone you know is good at making music please have them reach out to me because I am a little hopeless when it comes to making things with instruments (I took piano for nine years and still can’t read sheet music.) This last form is the Community Poem which is made up of all the wonderful words of my friends! Thank you!

Stop. Please end this. 

I wake up with my arms numb

Do you know the way?

I’m not your mother’s favorite dog

It is written

Grats and likes and happy emojis.


Hold tight, life’s a rocket ride

You had me at, “a cocktail that will blow your tits off”


And that’s the final show

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