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Day #97: My Own Form!

Soooooo, I ran out of poetry forms from my poetry list and I’m trying to find some new ones around the internet, but I thought it might be fun to do another self-made poetry form. This form is called the Rotten Poem and here are the rules that I’m making up right now: The poem has to talk about a moment in your life that was absolutely dreadful or awful. No rhyming or syllable count. ONE stanza and as many lines as I want!  

It’s Just a Wierd Highschool Memory Now

My high school boyfriend called me a lesbian

After I broke up with him

On a trampoline in the middle of the night.

At a party I probably shouldn’t have gone to. 

If it was today I wouldn’t mind –

It’s not an insult 

But at seventeen I let the word

Scab inside my cheek

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