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Day 14 & 15: Consistency is Key (and One Day I Will Get There)

This form is called the Blitz and it consists of 50 lines, but it’s also super easy!

Doors within Model

Open the Curtains Open the doors Doors are open Doors are closed Closed for business Closed for good Good grief man Good job buddy Buddy of mine Buddy, you’ve got time Time to get up Time is irrelevant Irrelevant meeting Irrelevant life Life is good Life gives you lemons Lemons are yellow Lemons for sale! Sale today Sale gone wrong Wrong pair of shoes Wrong-way Way out of line Way to go Go get me some coffee Go and get em’ kid Kid, be back by nine Kid, stay in school School is for chumps School lockers suck Suck my ass Sucks to be you You love me You hate me Me and myself Me and my cat Cat’s have nine lives Cat’s have weird eyes Eyes wide shut Eyes are the window to the soul Soul food Soul for the soup Soup for the soul Soup went cold Cold, dead body Cold character Character model Character building Building a better future Character creator

This form is called the Bref Double and it is French! Oui, Oui!

I Picked A New Color

Blue is my hands new color Opal laced rings with Metallic, baby blue nails Faint, cobalt rivers flow

Diverging in different paths Now to place a little boat with sails Floating up the coast to the tips Out in the air, surging slow

Taken in subtle sips Rolling around my wrist Bluebell stains from faded pen The little cadet will row.

Attempt to try other colors fails. Soon the blue turns red and rips.

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