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Day #22: Two Poems in One!

I’m back on track! (For now.)

This form is called a Contrapuntal poem where you combine two separate poems into each other. Apparently, it’s kind of difficult, but it seems like cheating to me if I already have the lines and I just have to re-arrange them. For this poem I’m using “Try to Breathe” and “I’m Just Being Dramatic.”

Angry or Sad for My Home

There is no distraction from pent up, pure rage Mixing gloom and sorrow with hate. I cleaned up my room and threw out my stuff. There is no distraction.

After I had to go out for a drink. A single drop tore it out of the cage Stewing in dreams, she has to wait. Hopefully to celebrate and not to mourn. I didn’t think it would be very rough. A stale, childish want you thought had no fate Thought you tore up the book, burned down the page Left with bare walls, empty drawers, it all starts to sink. I cleaned up my room and threw out my stuff.

The word “home” becomes torn. Leaving scattered pieces wherever you love. Often, it will try to roar straight Through down your throat in a sudden rampage. I didn’t think it would be very rough.

Once it bursts from the seams, put down your sage They will run from the depths, looking for bait. When I leave, it will be just another room. I bleached out the remains of me.

There is no distraction. The word “home” becomes torn.

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