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Day #27: My Freind Dizaon

This form is french and called a Dizain which is insanely close to my best friends name, Dizaon. So this poem, coincidentally, has been written for him! It is also his birthday next week and *fun fact* he was born exactly a month before me!

Dizaon’s Dizain

Everything we’ve done has been a brilliant golden white burst on our thinning timeline. We found us in the rubble of millions. We’ve mixed luck with love and found resilience. Hoping just us would have this experience Broken our hearts against others rich drink. Sifted through grainy fog, our soft palms linked Remembering the warm, restful glow from friends Glee spilled from our lips and sorrows did sink To my friend Dizaon, may we never end.

Happy Early Birthday Dizaon! I love you!

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