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Day #39: The Golden *Shovel*

This form is called the Golden Shovel and similar to the Glose poem, it takes from another poem as inspiration for my own. But for this one, you take your favorite line from the poem and use each word in the line as the ending word for your own lines… a bit confusing, but nonetheless, still very easy.

“I’ll pawn the little blood I have left to save the innocent…” -The Winters Tale by Shakespeare (Antigonus)

What Happens When You Lie

Steeping my body into sticky, sweet tea, I’ll Drench my eyes with puckering honey and pawn the remains of my gold fortunes. Where the hope for restless life will spin until little. I’ll dye my heart a deep hickory and blood will pour out a thick, teeth souring grease. I won’t last long as the creaking shell I have can’t hold against bludgeoning waves caving in left And right. Soon the inside of me will powder to a fine, putrid white dust so don’t save the foolish girl whose drink was so sweet the ribs around her chest crumpled so she held no more truth as an innocent.

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