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Day #46 : Bad Poem Alert 🚫

This poem is called a Kyrielle and it’s French which is fun because I’m also trying to learn French! (Although, this poem will be in English…>O<)

Just Stop Saying They Can’t

The smartest people aren’t that smart

The painters don’t all paint great art

We set kids up on a ranking

Forever faulty and blanking

Give them a chance to play good cards

Let them flourish in their making

Give them all awards of peach tarts

An achievement lies in waking

If you damage their sight too hard

they will give up in all regards

Spit out their faith and suck up darts

Aimed at hope, leaving them shaking

The truth is we all have our starts

Anyone could grow up saving

So why not try to be apart

Of letting kids do their shaping

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