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Day #52 & #53 : I’m Late!

I missed a day, but it’s okay because time is irrelevant and I started this project off by missing a whole week in the beginning so I think we will survive. Today’s forms are the Luc Bac and the Lun.

Luc Bac is a Vietnamese style poem that varies in length and has a lot of rhyming that I’m not too eager to jump on.

Sometimes I think I’m Dead On The Bus

I believe I have died Living deeply inside a dream A normal life it seems Covered with heavy schemes and smiles The allusions do pile Creating new found trials that slash Upon my eyes and mash false sights Into my head. I fight To see the true grey night again.

The Lun is an American haiku and it’s super easy and a super-fast read.

When I was 4 Spongy memories Dotted fast Running as I dreamt

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