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Day #56 : Anxious!

Today’s form is called a Monotreta and this form finally forced me to learn what iambic pentameter really means and how to use it correctly in poetry. I was surrounded by iambic pentameter when I was in the many Shakespeare festivals in Denver during my anxiety-ridden high school days (that was a boujee theatre brag! Even though I didn’t know half of what I was saying on stage and I always got stuck in pantaloons,) but I still had no idea what iambic really meant. Now, I know! And this poem uses Iambic tetrameter which is four beats: buh-BUH, buh-BUH, buh-BUH, buh-BUH. Like the sound of a heart. ❤ A cold, introverted heart ❤

Anxiety Glasses

A puny girl with wonky eyes Saw blurry lines in the sunrise Thought all could see these fuzzy skies Solid, hard lines she fantasized

One day she peeked through a thick glass Breathed in a world with vibrant class No longer left in fuzzy pasts She sought again for life and fast

She learned to count the budding blues Of hydrangeas hidden from view Fought off the night to breathe in hues Of juicy reds, parched pinks; her muse.

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