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Day #59 : Younger Siblings Unite!

I have been out of my home since 9:00am this morning and I likely will not get home until 1:00am tomorrow morning. And I might complain saying I’ve had a crazy day but I actually loved it. I loved being busy! Anyway, I’m trying to squeeze in this poem while I’m on my bartending shift. It’s called the Ottawa poem and it involves an ABC rhyme scheme of sorts. All the references to the poem are linked to Italian white men that I don’t care to name.

The Youngest of the Youngest

They say the youngest is spoiled the most Given more freedom and bribery treats Adorned in medals, allowed to just coast Let off the hook for bad grades and ill speech They don’t mention the mounting pressure close To their wired bodies, soaked through all their sheets They’ve lost the most time to love those they trust Let the babies be babies until dust.

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