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Day #64: Oooo, This Is So Quirky and Ironic

The popular Prose poem has arrived! It’s good timing too because I thought about doing this form today and it matched up with the list I use from Thank you universe!


Here is the insertion of an idea that relates to the human experience. Here is a metaphor about flowers and fire to better articulate the visceral feeling of that idea. Here are a few contradictory descriptors words that make you think I am incredibly well pronounced and vulnerable. I did not know any of those descriptor words until I looked at a thesaurus under the word sad. Here is an “I” statement where I vaguely dip into a childhood memory. Here is where you nod your head and maybe close your eyes a bit. Here is where you’ll stop reading if your train has arrived or you’ve just gotten home. This is the moment the New Yorker finally receives my poetry submissions and throws them away because I got too cocky in my introduction and my poems weren’t in iambic pentameter. I said anyone can do poetry and I’m an amateur at everything. Here is where some offbeat poet who’s 46 with a peppered beard joins the New Yorker and just happens to pass a trash can, see my poetry, and think they were going against the tide by giving me a second chance. Now is when my poetry is featured in the magazine, but I’m upset because I realize I wanted the snooty poets to like my work too.

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