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Day #70: Almost 3/4th’s Done!

Only 30 days left! That’s practically a month left of poetry and I also practically have a month left of school! Now onto the poem! It’s called a Rondeau and it has rhyming, it’s french, blah, blah, blah.

Am I Thinking the Right Thoughts?

Sighing is heavy with gloom

Sharp inhales spike then loom

Huffing erodes ease and builds tension

Fluttering inhales leave you in suspension

Bundled together it traps inside you like a monsoon

Screaming wears out the throats tune

Whispering wraps you tight in a cocoon

Echoing laughs leave without mention

Sighing is heavy

Hands chill alone in the tomb

Fingers cradled together bloom

We wave for incoming attention 

Shaking hands as is the convention

Wash vigorously for germ prevention

Sighing is heavy

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