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Day # 71-#72: I’m slackin’!

Okay, I have missed yesterday’s poem because I was in a MOOD, but today I am prepped and ready to churn out two poems! The first style is called the Rondel and it’s pretty easy with three stanzas, some refrains, and rhyming. 


You blush and the whole face burns red

Eyes are glossy and lonely and wide

Lovely peppered, dark marks you hide

Hair messy as a birds nest piled atop your head

Thin pale lips bouncing along a thread

Silver strikes the hairs on your arms side

You blush and the whole face burns red

Eyes are glossy and lonely and wide

Little black marks tic under your eyelashes like lead

You wore mascara that day and forgot when you cried

Unknowingly, your vulnerability is set on display with your pride

They see you for everything you said

You blush and the whole face turns red.

Now onto the Rondine! It’s basically the little sister to the Rondeau which I did two days ago!

You’re In Charge

A box on a bed with spikes hanging down

A cage with no bird and a dollar bill

Books written blank with nothing to fill

A shi Tzu trots on with a clumsy frown 

The sun dresses up in her favorite gown

Cameras click-clack-click and then sit so still

A box on a bed

Bubbles still popping, making no plop sound

An old pair of sneakers rock on a hill

Coffee grounds pack themselves into a pill

Sanity sulks waiting to now be found

A box on a bed

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