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Day #80-#82 : Three Poems for November Third

Hello, welcome to days #80-#82! I just finished my math homework that took me two hours to do because I refused to read the text that explained the problems and instead mentally ripped my hair out trying to understand terms I just didn’t know! Now here are three poems :).

This first form is called the Sijo and it’s an older, Korean poem similar to the haiku, but with way more syllables per line.

God I Hate Poetry I hate poetry and still, I write it I don’t read it – it’s supple simplicity makes me want to gag I want to fill every edge of every paper until it crumbles

Alright, next up is the Skeltonic Verse! Which sounds pretty spooky and would have been a good pick for Halloween weekend had I not been so lazy ;D. This poem has a lot of irregular rhyming which, as we all know, I am NOT excited for 😡

No More Of The Past

Play Fleetwood in the car Roll down windows and drive far Drive until you see the sunset on mars Let your hair get greasy and skin dirty Travel right up until your thirty Go home, it’s sturdy Realize the beams have broken The roof collapsed from explosions Bike fast and without gas See how long you last With no sound but buzzing bugs past Learn to draw from a bartender On a napkin, he says you have a temper You smash a glass against a mirror And your reflection becomes clearer Cracks run along each eye down to the chin Dripping with ice and gin He says you’re dramatic too Grabs a broom around back for you You say you’ll take it and fly away He asks about your bike, you let it decay. Fumbling along a highway Your broom scraping sharp and breaking What have you done, you’re shaking. Crouched under a damp patch of grass Life has hit you all too fast “Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies.”

Last poem of the day. This form is called the Somonka and it’s basically two Tanka poems mashed together. I know we both don’t remember what the hell a Tanka poem so brb I’m going to do some research and not get back to you. This poem is supposed to be revolving around love and a conversation between two people.

Couldn’t Sleep

He read the last page Turned over to face away His thick hair pressed down Holding a pillows left edge Rhythmic breathing and eyes closed

She stayed up all night Laying still with quickened breathe Eyes wide as two moons Taking care to press worry Into the bedframe tonight

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