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Day #83 & #84 : BORED

I could’ve sworn I’ve done a sonnet before in this challenge, but I’m too lazy to go back through the 80+ poems I’ve written and try to find it. So here is another sonnet in the case that I already wrote one previously.

(02/01/20: Updated this poem! This may not be a sonnet anymore but I think it sounds a lot better!)

The Zebra 

Heavy chests rumble under trees

Hooves click on dirt typing a thick tremble

Behind them scatter patches of missing leaves

Dust jitters from the ground and settles

Bristles static to the air

dipped in mud – wood white and bulky black

Golden eyes gaze at a heavy sun

Nostrils flare, breathing in the hearts loud thud

Ears hop in the tall wheatgrass

A graceful bow towards waters slim edge

Bouts of stiffness and ease trickle down their back 

Long stripes contract until they float

and they drink

Alright, and here is a bonus poem for you guys to make up for yesterday. I definitely had the time to write and I just absolutely did not. I almost willfully did not write when I could have. This form is called the Strambotto and it’s from 13th century Tuscan, Italy. It’s… pretty basic. 8 lines with 11 syllables per line and an abababab rhyme scheme which is just so boring. I am BORED! I need to find a poetry form that’s like “for this form you must attempt to get hit by a car and write about your experience as a 12-year-old girl living in 1920’s Sweden. 2 lines and 29 syllable count per line with absolutely no rhyme scheme and if you try to rhyme the poetry committee will come after you and take away your ability to read”

You Don’t Need to Pray

Hello this is your father speaking to you

Your holy father the one you tried to leave

The one you said you trusted and always knew

I’m here to call your bluff. And that’s okay we’ve 

Grown apart or more you’ve grown away from view

Don’t listen when the small churches say you need

To pray with eyes shut and hands clasped like they’re glued

I wish you’d tell me all the things you’ve grieved

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