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To the future bearer of my cold dead heart,

It’s not cold. And it’s not dead. But it lacks the necessary joy at the moment To really see the one holding my pulse. So it will seem lifeless; Sort of like a beached whale About to implode So stand back While I burst and regather myself

Right now, My cold dead heart, It likes to think it’s secure. That it can handle the throwing of sand and pebbles at its face, But it has a long way to go Right now it’s only just lost its breathe and has no idea the shit storm it’s in for

To this man or woman who will admire me and I them, I will try for this and for you. Not because I choose to, But because of the incessant drive to make you whole on your own. I will be your support but not your crutch, I will lend my heart my ear my arms, But not my half. We will be two wholes who got bored of the world on our own and decided to share it To create in the ferocious, daunting Desert that will be our canvas. Two Kings, Queens interchangeably Who stride along the thickening and dissolving pavement of life Hand in hand Heart in heart Mind to mind But self to self We will be warriors amongst a battle we chose to fight together Not because we needed one another But because our team is stronger We knew we would win like this

To the other who is also up for bravery, You will be my friend First and foremost Anything after that is merely instinctual I will choose to have you in my life like this But more so will be driven by lust By love By our mammalian need to socialize. But I will make the choice to be your friend Your closest, most reliable and tempting friend. I will choose to be the one you throw the pebbles at in an effort to throw me off the cliff But I will gather each projected rock to take another step I will climb up to the Nagging Point, The door that you didn’t even realize you locked And I will thrash through your barricade To be that friend for you You will be my soldier My king My queen My rebellious, spray-painting, outsider But you will not be mine Simply the closest thing I’ve had to emotional possession

And I promise here Right here I will not abuse the wanting’s you have given me. The hard is always the good And I will follow with these instructions: To be good, Kind, Effortful, Thoughtful. With you in mind in every decision No harm to come but if it does you will not falter because we do not hinge one another We exist together We bend the same length in opposite directions We rotate our conscience in the movement of the earth Clockwise and counterclockwise As not to lag behind or follow in each other’s footsteps. Occasional collisions are expected But we will be prepared

Together we will build two worlds

And we will dance without shattering.

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