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To whom it May Concern

Dear Mr. Donald Trump

Or Mr.President,

You’ve made quite a success of your life

From a young man with a goal,

to a thriving business icon,

and to the most powerful position in the world:

President of the United States.

I have no concept of what it’s like to be you,

I have no understanding of your brain or how it continues to progress,

But I know you have gone far.

There are many criticisms out there about you as president

or you as a business man

or you as a person.

I’m not going to play games here,

I have been one of those many skeptics.

I have seen the concerns on T.V,

the SNL skits,

and the many protests.

I have partaken in your taking down,

But I’m coming to a road block.

To a desert that spans a million miles

between who I am and who you are.

There is clearly a disconnect.

There is clearly something we both are missing;

an answer.

There is clearly an innate, primal question we must ask ourselves:

Do we desire power or peace?

Two simple ideas whose history starts at the very beginning.

Every animal, plant,

and even our dear, beloved, immense mother earth’s

question to themselves.

Now,  I have held power before

even if it was in the smallest dosage.

It was as sweet as sultry chocolate

and as vicious as my own demise.

I have held peace.

Whose deep brown curls waded in my hands

and soft, gentle eyes soothed me to sleep.

But she never stayed long.

And it was a never ending loop

of trying to get her to remain.

It takes bravery to choose peace.

And it takes a warrior to battle off the urge of power.

But I know you are a strong man.

You are influential to many Americans.

I ask you to question yourself:

do you desire power or do you desire peace?

I answer the latter

If the answer for you is the former,

I ask you to think about life.

The delicate dance of it.

How it all strings together

and quickly falls apart.

Be a hero and let life be strong.

Peace is the mold which binds even the most fragile minds.

She may be alluding and disappear now and again,

but trust that she will always return.

Each time stronger than the last.

I know both you and I want to make an impact on this world.

To give into the want for hierarchy and neglect the impact

of the Dominant Culture

is too easy of a challenge.

We must take on the hardships.

be a savior Mr. President,

sacrifice the power to the peace.

Give this world a chance to renew itself

and heal from its old wounds.

It does no good to pry open a scar

that fought the battle to close.

But in the end, the answer is your own.

No judgment will be held

because I know both hold their ground.

Ponder this question whenever the world

seems like it’s creating craters on your shoulders.

Do you desire power or do you desire peace?

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